Monday, January 27, 2014

Benjamin Fulford - January 27, 2014: Cabal mounts counter-offensive but with limited impact as arrests continue

The criminal cabal that illegally commandeered most of the world’s financial system is causing turmoil in in many places including Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq and is also trying to derail the peace process with Iran as part of a broad offensive planned at their Davos gathering last week, according to multiple sources.

However, this is not stopping the ongoing and accelerating global purge of cabal agents as can be seen from continuing arrests and exposures of cabal crimes and pedophilia networks. For example, this article about Tony Blair’s good friend Colonel Gadaffi has just appeared.

According to an MI5 source: “Gaddafi’s profligate child abuse set a standard for Blair and his friends.” Blair was also given semtex explosive by Gadaffi that he sold on to the IRA, the MI5 source says. The ongoing exposure of Blair is a sign of collapsing cabal control in the UK.

Also, the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board is now being hinted even in former cabal UK news outlets like the Financial Times. Sources in the Pentagon, the Chinese government, the Dragon family, the P2 freemason lodge all agree that some sort of major financial event is imminent although none had many details.

In another interesting development, Al Qaeda contacted the White Dragon Society last week with an offer to put their resources at the disposal of the WDS in exchange for help in eliminating the arbitrary Middle-Eastern national boundaries created by colonial powers. The real head of Al Qaeda, by the way, is an Eastern European gnostic former Comintern and MI6 double agent and not some bearded actor as seen in the propaganda media. The WDS requested that they stop killing innocent civilians with terrorist attacks and concentrate on the families that illegally took over the world’s central banks. They are the source of the problems in the Middle East because they are still stubbornly trying to create conflict between Christians, Sunnis, Shias, Jews etc. as part of their plan to create a one world religion. Once their trouble making is ended, historical injustices imposed on the Middle East by the colonial powers can be rectified.

Tony Blair is a good indicator of the ongoing battle for control of the planet earth. One the one hand last week he was widely humiliated in the media when somebody tried to make a citizen’s arrest of him for war crimes. On the other hand, the cabal then widely published a story of Tony Blair trying to promote the new one world religion.

Blair is under scrutiny in the ongoing police investigations of an extensive pedophile network in the UK and elsewhere. This is the same man who was recording bragging that he would have me put away on drug charges. Message to Tony Blair: you are going down for mass murder and the pope won’t protect you.

Speaking about the Pope, a senior member of the P2 Lodge said that last week Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama signed a master agreement relating to gold located in Mindanao to be used to underwrite a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. No further details were forthcoming.

However, a pentagon source said he had been told something financial would be announced in February.

Furthermore, a relative of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos also contacted the WDS last week to say the “Chinese Plum Blossom foundation” tried last week to insist that all of the world’s money and treasure belonged to China and because of the Chinese disregard for the rights of the rest of the world, they had their funding cut off. The relative said that Marcos had never been in charge of the global collateral accounts but was just a junior signatory.

A senior Chinese government representative corroborated this to some extent by admitting there was a big financial crisis brewing in China as a bubble was on the brink of bursting. This could be one of the first Chinese dominoes here:

The new regime of Xi Jinping is afraid communist party rule could collapse as a result and for this reason a massive purge of corrupt officials is being planned. Many Chinese government officials, afraid for their personal safety, have fled to hidden locations in the countryside and give orders by phone to their subordinates, he said. Also, many wealthy Chinese, fearing arrest on corruption charges, had fled the country, with most going to South Korea, he said.

Official Chinese government media are also announcing a change in fundamental government policy away from the goal of obtaining GDP growth at all costs and towards poverty reduction and environmental protection.

China is still in far better shape than many other countries. Japan’s government, for example, has begun raiding private bank accounts for money to keep itself going.

We are also hearing multiple anecdotal accounts (including from this writer) that many people in Tokyo seem to be getting a far larger electricity bill than can be justified by normal usage.

Furthermore, as has been widely publicized, one of the main shareholders of the Bank of Japan, HSBC, has been telling its customers they cannot withdraw large amounts of money.

The troubles extend to many other large banks, with Santander having arbitrarily changed mortgage charges recently, Lloyds bank customers having trouble getting money out of ATMs and of course the Federal Reserve Board itself unable to return other people’s gold it had on deposit.

This financial uncertainty may be why the billionaires gathered at Davos last week decided to try once again to start wars as a way to escape from their troubles. The big example was the huge push in Switzerland to sabotage a US/Iran peace deal last week. With the Iranians saying suddenly they had made no concessions and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying a deal would never be possible. Seeing these two statements together reminded me of a cabal power chart I have seen that shows both Israel and Iran as working under Swiss BIS masters.

The attempt to start trouble between Iran and Israel yet again has led to hundreds more arrests of war-mongers in the US according to a pentagon source. The Swiss are so scared of the ongoing anti-cabal crackdown in the US that 100 Swiss Banks have asked for immunity from prosecution in exchange for giving information about American tax evaders.

The scared cabalists are also fanning trouble in the Ukraine and threatening terror at the Sochi Olympics as part of a major offensive against Vladimir Putin of Russia. The cabalists in Davos also discussed plans to bankrupt Russia by forcing oil prices under $60 a barrel for a year, or about long enough to deplete Russia’s hard currency holdings. This is wishful thinking on their part because oil under $60 a barrel would ruin many major Western banks long before Russia succumbed.

January 31st is a key financial settlements date and if any major governments or institutions miss a payment they are given until mid-February to come up with the money before they are bankrupted.

Perhaps that is why US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew recently said the US would run out of money in February.

It seems we are witnessing the birth pangs of a new era for humanity.



  1. It seems we are witnessing the birth pangs of a new era for humanity. "I sure hope so for the sake of the human race"

  2. If the EU/NATO is taking over Ukraine, Putin my start WAR instead of Olympic Games! It would fullfill the craziest prophecies of Mulhiasl/Irlmaier (who's other prophecies mostly beacame reality) ! The world is yelling PEACE PEACE - next morning the Russian is at your front door! With all the attempts of the NWO-Elites/Zionist/Jesuit/Illuminati whatever SCUM (you call them cabal) to sabotage, terrorise the games and the total anti-propaganda war of the global media (Euro-News ha ha ha what a Goebbels-Tool) I would not be surprised at all! P.S. I have not bought a garage full of spaghetti, tomatoe-cans, and gallons of water - no I sit and wait for the end! I go to work drink my beer and pray to god - to put an end to this evil satanist world! Maybe we need that comet for a reset...give evolution another chance, because we're goin' to hell!!!! Forever here on Brutal Planet!

  3. I'm a new follower of your blog and enjoy getting updates, especially of Benjamin Fulford's posts. I honestly believe his information is real and legit, as he backs up his claims with links of various articles across the internet. Cobra's information also seems legit, although I am a tad skeptical as Cobra's recent video post showed the infamous illuminati eye but maybe I need to be less skeptical there. Who knows on that but Fulford's info I think is reliable to believe. And I've researched a lot of stuff - his info is the most accurate I feel.

    1. Hi Jason. Ben's info IS real. The man has some very good sources of information. So does Cobra. There's one thing you have to realise though, and that is that no one has all the answers. To get a fairly good grasp on what this stuff is about, you absolutely have to be able to step back and see the bigger picture. And that has to do with where we are going as a race (human) and the planet itself. This can be extremely hard for most people due to the many years of societal conditioning that tells you that things are a certain way, when they are nothing of the sort. The best thing to do is to do your own research with an open mind and discern for yourself whatever you want to believe as truth.

  4. The best trick of the devil, is to make them think he is the messiah to save them! sounds much like this...

  5. Bull. The article about Quadafi. He was killed by "The Illuminate" (LOL!), because he tried to sell his oil for gold instead of the American US Dollar as one person commented at the end of that article. Everything else in THIS article is suspect due to that one piece of mis/dis-information. I'd surly like to believe you Mr Fulford but I don't now, though I know you are just "doing your job" like the rest of us. My only hope is that some of what your report is factual and in a good way. If I'm wrong, please forgive my inability to trust anything anyone says anymore. By the way, I loved the Dancing Rockefeller

  6. "I don't want the labor, I just want the baby." Al Pacino

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